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Two Million Minutes Of High School

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There are apparently two million minutes of instruction during high school, and -- no surprise -- we're not using ours very wisely. Here's the trailer for a new, as yet unreleased documentary about the problem:

Conceived and exec produced by venture capitalist Bob Compton, and directed by two TFA alums, the doc follows six students in three countries. Check it out.

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Thank you for posting the link to the Two Million Minutes trailer. Just to clarify, 2 million minutes is approximately the amount of time one lives during high school- in class, studying, socializing, sleeping, etc -

The purpose of my film is to vividly illustrate how high school students in each culture - US, India and China - allocate their 2,000,000 minutes.

I believe the allocation of time in high school has profound implications for a student's career opportunities in the 21st century and for the economic potential of each country.

We will be releasing the film to DVD on November 15th and will be embarking on a screening and speaking tour as well as submitting to all of the major film festivals.

I am not an educator, so the film is not prescriptive. I am an entrepreneur and venture investor who has employees in all three countries and who has seen first hand the educational differences.

In my view, global education standards have passed the U.S. by and our current generation of students is in danger of not being globally competitive.

When it was Finland and Singapore ahead of us, I wasn't too worried, but India and China combined are 8 times larger than the US and their economies are growing 3 times faster.

Our challenge is not just our schools - it extends to parents, the community and to our cultural norms.

I was concerned enough spend the past 18 months producing a documentary of what I've seen, which I hope will better inform the U.S. public about how our economic competitors are educating their students. More info is at www.2mminutes.com

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