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Ed Week Blogger Moves On

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Rumor has it that non-employee edweek.org blogger Alexander Russo, in search of fame and fortune, has moved kit and kaboodle over to scholastic. com.

It's been great fun working with Alexander (I'm gonna miss those 3 a.m. calls! and the demands for only blue M&Ms in his dressing room!). If you've followed Alexander for any length of time, you know that he is a prolific blogger, providing a never-ending stream of news, commentary, and reports on the comings and goings in the edusphere that often inspired heated reactions. (Who could forget, for instance, "Our Hottie Is So Much Hotter Than Their Hotties"?)

We also thank Alexander for helping to brighten up the sometimes—dare I say?—dull world of edu-policy. We laughed, we cried. We cried.

I speak for all of edweek.org when I say that we will truly miss him, are sorry to see him go, and wish him only the best.

Find Alexander’s latest musings over here.

And, as is only fitting: Congrats, condolences.

1 Comment

A very fitting farewell.

So does this mean that David Hoff will be picking up the hottie blogging?

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