"Education experts seem to concur on almost nothing," says this recent Time magazine article. "Research in the field is so politicized and contradictory that you can find almost any study to support your view. If economics is a 99-1 science, education is a 1-99 circus." Ouch. The article also dismisses the latest Jack Jennings public-private differences study as Democratic advocacy, pointing out that private schools run by holy orders (not regular religious schools) make a difference on student achievement, and that SAT scores do show public-private differences even after you control for SES. Apparently SAT scores reveal critical thinking, while ...

Charlie Barone predicts that the recent deaths of students from the staph "superbug" will inevitably get blamed on NCLB. But why stop there? The nasty cold I have, the wildfires in San Diego County, and the coming wave of subprime mortgage defaults -- they're all because of NCLB in one way or the other....

"He looks like any other high school student - except for the guns 14-year-old Asa Coon holds in each hand. Coon's rampage was captured in eerie, time-lapse snapshots by security cameras at SuccessTech Academy." See more images here. The local Fox affiliate has posted the video here....

Things started out so well for this new teacher (left), but ended recently with rape charges and a mug shot (right). Via USA Today's On Deadline blog....

Student's death likely caused by staph infection CNN A middle school student from Brooklyn died Thursday, probably from the staph infection MRSA, according to the New York City Health Department. Video shows student shooting 2 victims at Cleveland school AP His face concealed by a white hooded sweat shirt, the determined student gunman climbed the enclosed staircase with his cache of weapons in a backpack, heading toward a shooting rampage against classmates and teachers. Pitching for preschool, with eye on future Washington Post For Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D), improving access to preschool is a signature issue. In 2005, he ...


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