Thanks to everyone who wrote in explaining that it's insider Jennifer (Jenny) Medina who's now writing city education stories that we'll all be (and are already) reading. According to an internal email announcement someone sent me, Medina "began her career at The New York Times as an intern in education where working with Tamar Lewin she turned out a memorable series on how city schools were pushing students out so they wouldn't count as part of the dropout rate." Since then she's covered NY and CT state politics, as well as the Lieberman campaign, and more. "All of this was ...

Following up on the Boston Globe's story that Boston's famed pilot schools were screening students rather than taking all comers like everyone else (is supposed to). former Boston superintendent Tom Payzant (under whose leadership the pilots were started) said that he didn't know about the practice, either. Writes Payzant: "Frankly, I was surprised that schools other than Quincy Upper and the Arts Academy had special requirements. Sometimes the Supt. is the last to know." Payzant said he'd tell the schools to cut it out, though perhaps allowing schools to require a parent visit upon acceptance so that they know what ...

Word is that NYT education reporter David Herszenhorn has in fact left (escaped?) and is already down in DC covering Congress. [Read more about and an outdated but still reasonable look at where education reporters go to when they are no longer education reporters here.] No word yet on who's going to replace him in covering the NYC schools. How about Columbia's LynNell Hancock (right), who recently wrote a great send-up of the NYC reform effort in The Nation and who still may not have forgiven my for my ambush interview of her (here)? Or maybe Elizabeth Green (left), who ...

In yesterday's education column, Times education writer David Herszenhorn reflects on what it's been like covering NYC schools for over four years -- and what most adults don't (or don't want to) understand: "Working with children looks easy. It is not." Then the tagline at the end of the story seems to indicate that Herszenhorn is leaving the beat. Working with schools isn't just hard on teachers, it seems. Congrats, condolences. I'll try and get more information....

House moves to lower interest on student loans AP Legislation to lower interest rates on student loans and increase aid to poor people who want to go to college won House approval yesterday. Potter Has Limited Effect on Reading Habits NYT The truth about Harry Potter and reading is not quite a straightforward success story. Teacher-Turned-Astronaut to Deliver Educational Payload EdWeek Barbara R. Morgan and the crew of the space shuttle Endeavour will conduct a variety of educational activities on an 11 day mission....


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