Washington Post, media critic Howard Kurtz points out that much of the astounding success of the Huffington Post, a group blog that features all sorts of generally Democratic commentary and content (including mine), has come from the ability (and willingness) of its editors to go beyond the now-standard "most read story" gizmo in the corner and actually bring popular articles to the front page, top center. Editors hate this because it means that readers are making placement and prominence decisions and mixing commentary with news. Advertisers love it because it makes the site the sites that do this (Daily Kos ...

Defending -- much less advocating -- NCLB has to be one of the most thankless jobs out there, but the LA Times' columnist Ron Brownstein gives it a shot in Don't leave this law behind. Sounding like he's been talking to EdSec Spellings, Kati Haycock, and Bruce Reed a lot, Brownstein admits that the law has "minted enemies" and blames the current AYP system for creating a "reverse Lake Wobegon syndrome" in which too many schools are rated as low-performing. But he concludes that improving the law is possible, and that with immigration reform seemingly done in "educational accountability offers ...

Texas to End High-School Exit Exams NPR The Texas legislature has voted to end one of the most controversial aspects of its school accountability system: exit-level exams that students must pass to get their high-school diplomas. Locke High's weary teachers face a hard multiple-choice test LA Times They're divided over whether to become a charter school. School settles after student's mouth taped MSNBC.com A school district agreed to pay $33,250 to settle a lawsuit by a former student who accused an elementary school teacher of wrapping tape around his head for talking too much. Pittsburgh schools drop 'public' ...

From today's Washington Examiner, via The Quick And The Ed: Communications breakdown caused boxes of sporting goods, computers and other essential equipment to be left padlocked in a shuttered District of Columbia junior high school for almost an entire year while a neighboring school was starved for supplies, a city consultant told The Examiner. From the June 21 edition of The Nation: The [bus route] chaos was caused in large part by the financial consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal, an outfit the department hired without competitive bidding at $16 million to find $200 million from the [New York City] department's budget ...

While the Gates Foundation continues to influence education reform near and far (just this week strong-arming the LAUSD school board), no one really seems to have a complete picture of who's who and who does what in their education division these days. So here's your chance to show off what you know, individually and as a group, by sharing who does what out there and in the states. Phillips? Shelton? Sanford? Bailey? Fleischauer et al at GMMB? Together, maybe we can piece it all together....


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