If it's not about Iraq, health care, the campaign, or the environment, it doesn't seem like there's that much going on in DC these next few days. Fresh off her weekend in Aspen, the EdSec is going to Crystal City this afternoon to to talk about investing in children at the White House Conference on the Americas. Mysteriously, it's not open to the press. The House Appropriations Committee is scheduled to mark up the Labor-HHS-Education bill on Wednesday. That same day, Secty Spellings flies up to Albany to give a commencement speech for the A Brighter Choice charter schools (single ...

Not really that new or big, but more to come with Congress back in session... Advocates for Students With Disabilities Balk at Proposed NCLB Changes EdWeek Some fear high standards for such students could be sacrificed as states seek more flexibility in the law. Nutrition education ineffective USA Today The federal government will spend more than $1 billion this year on nutrition education but an Associated Press review of scientific studies examining 57 such programs found mostly failure. Schools turn to private donors Detroit Free Press Once limited to colleges and private schools, reliance on private donations has become a $31.5...

Bush Administration Aspen-Bound EdSec Briggs Nominated & Confirmed For USDE Post Over-Reacting On Deseg Implications? Campaign 2008 Obama Hands NEA Endorsement To Clinton Bad Republican Advice On NCLB Strategy Remembering John Kerry Biden Takes The Lead No Clear Way To Pay For Initiatives, Says FactCheck NCLB News Growth Models Across America -- And More Pilots To Come Summer School For The Princeton Review Spying On The NEA Convention Foundation Follies Looking Back At The Year That Was: The Fordham Version Job Of The Week: The Andy Sector Wants You! Media Watch Does "The Pulse" Need CPR? EdWeek's Online Extravaganza School Life ...

Eduwonk thinks that Obama did himself good with the merit pay mention, or at least does no harm. But at the same time he reminds us that John Kerry didn't win any friends with his merit pay ideas in the 2004 elections. Here's a rundown of what Kerry did and didn't propose on education, from EdWeek. Interesting stuff to remember....

Many have noted Barack Obama's brave foray into the wilds of merit pay in yesterday's speech (so much for the notion that it's widely accepted), but what about his apparent slam at teachers (and others) for their poor attitudes about low-income and minority kids? "I was talking to one of the young teachers there about the challenges they faced, and she mentioned what she called the “These Kids Syndrome” - the willingness of society to find a million excuses for why “these kids” can’t learn," says Obama according to his prepared remarks (Remarks of Senator Obama at NEA). "It’s...


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