Charismatic pol gets ovation, but GOPer Huckabee a hit, too Philadelphia Daily News The rock star of Democratic presidential candidates, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, made his appearance yesterday before 9,000 delegates at the National Education Association convention, as did a long-winded local favorite, U.S. Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del. Vying to be teachers' pet Philadelphia Inquirer Eight presidential candidates came to Phila. to court the National Education Association. They said largely what teachers wanted to hear. Schools Move Toward Following Students’ Yearly Progress on Tests NYT Schools are looking to use an increasingly popular way to analyzing test ...

Summer vay-k* is getting shorter and shorter for some St. Louis area students, according to this story (For St. Louis, School Begins in the Middle of August): "This week, fireworks and hotdogs. Next week, shopping for school supplies....Classes start as soon as Aug. 13 in some local schools...Students are predictably aghast." Via DA Daily. *Also spelled like it's pronounced: vay-kay....

Over at National Review Online, Carrie Lukas has the questionable notion that Fred Thompson could run -- and win -- by running against NCLB (Fred To School). First off, I can't realistically imagine anyone winning anything on an education issue right now, no matter how good. Second, running against NCLB might help marginally in the primary -- might -- but would hurt just as much if not more in the general. That's one reason why Obama and others are holding their fire, and something that Sen. Clinton will have to deal with if she wins the nomination. Via the Fred ...

So last week's nearly-forgotten Democratic debate finally included some education talk (minimum wage for teachers, healthy breakfast for all kids, college access). But was any of it really do-able? Probably not says one group that watches out for over-promising politicians, ccording to "Candidates said little about how they planned to deliver on those promises, how much their plans would cost or who would pay." Of course, no one paying attention really thinks any of these things are going to happen. The key here is to promise as much as you can get away with during the primary and ...

Someone told me that you're not supposed to do mouth-to-mouth anymore, just clear the airway and focus on the heart compressions. Whatever it is, District Administration magazine's group blog "The Pulse" may need it. The posts are increasingly infrequent, it seems, and many of those included are too busy blogging and writing in other places to contribute much. (Sorta like me with Edustat and the Huffington Post.) There's got to be a better way to get diverse perspectives and create some sort of conversation going, but I don't know what it is....


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