Many teachers dubious of merit pay Boston Globe Merit pay tied to student test scores seems all the rage in some educational [and journalistic] circles, but many teachers think it's an idea whose time hasn't come. In School Takeover, Newark Union Tries to Prove It’s Part of the Solution NYT The powerful Newark Teachers Union is telling as many as a dozen teachers at the troubled Newton Street School that they have to leave because they do not fit in with a plan to improve the school. U.S. OKs Pilot ‘Growth Models’ for Last 2 States EdWeek Arizona ...

Things to do today include: read or listen to someone else read the Declaration of Independence, play some soccer (sorry, baseball), eat a lot of grilled meat (or vegetables), look around and see what a fascinating, troubled place and time this is. Think about what, if anything, to do about making things better....

Folks in Chicago are ripping me a new one for stereotyping Spanish speakers and spreading degrading notions with that post about "Ask A Mexican!" and a follow-up one I did just to fan the flames of immigration reform frustration. Check it out here and here....

Like I said last week, who needs a reauthorization when you can just change the law as much as you want without anyone really protesting? Not that there's anything wrong with that. Case in point, today the EdSec announced more growth model approvals. The latest three include Alaska, Arizona, and (last week) Florida. See below for the press release. Additional waivers/pilots to look for in the coming months while reauthorization languishes include: that "just missed" AYP designation that she talked about last week in USA Today, a blanket waiver of some kind on HQT (statutorily, it's time to declare ...

And they say that everything's been breezy for test prep companies. Well, maybe so, but tthings have been pretty rough for The Princeton Review of late, according to Robert Baird Associates' monthly Class Notes: "A 13% increase of shares of Renaissance Learning and modest increases in shares of Scientific Learning (+5%), Plato Learning (+3%) and School Specialty (+2%) were offset by a 27% decline in shares of Princeton Review following the announcement that the company dismissed its auditors and made changes to the board of directors including the resignation of the chairman." According to Class Notes,TPR has announced the ...


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