New America snagged Sara away to do early education, leaving Andy et al in the lurch. Here, Kevin Carey makes the pitch for a bright shiny face to fill in the void....

The EIA takes one for the team and covers the NEA convention in Philly this week -- now featuring video highlights: Check out his moment-by-moment coverage here. It's sure to be entertaining -- even if you're already there....

If anyone asks you about The Futures Channel, I suppose you could tell them it's "YouTube for nerds" as some have described it -- video, lots of it, concerning the sciences, technology, engineering and allied fields....

Forget the Supreme Court, the pundits and opeds, the failure of immigration reform and Obama's $32 million in fundraising. Forget Scooter LIbby's commuted sentence. The most interesting thing that happened in the last week was Checker Finn's roundup of the 06-07 school year (here)). First off, it's impressive that Finn even remembered that the school year was over -- a testament to the foundation's grounding and still noteworthy role as a real-world charter school authorizer in Ohio, I like to think. To the extent that charters are real schools, that is. (I joke, I joke!). Then there’s the ever-convenient ...

Charter contract believed to be the first tying salaries to performance. Philadelphia Inquirer Three years after organizing, teachers at Camden's first charter school have settled their first contract: a three-year pact with performance incentives. Democrats: No Child Law Needs Overhaul AP They all voted for it, but that was then. Democratic presidential candidates came out swinging Monday, not at each other but at the No Child Left Behind law. They spoke at the annual convention of the National Education Association, the nation's largest teachers union. [Word is that HRC has the endorsement locked up.] PLUS: 'T' is for teachers - ...


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