You might not know it, but EdWeek has lots of other blogs -- seven of them -- and lots of other original online content to check out that's probably much more timely and interesting than anything you'll find here. Even better, now there's a fancy new widget thing on the right side of the page to make it easy to check out what everyone else has to say. (Or, just go the front page and you'll see Web Updates, Daily Clips, WebChats, TalkBacks, and all sorts of other stuff.) Tell them Russo sent you.... answering the AFT's presidential questionnaire (here)....

Early summer in Aspen is not a bad place to be, so it's no surprise that the EdSec is going to be there this week, ostensibly for an Aspen Institute confab on the 5th and 6th -- one session on education, and the other on women in politics. Nice work if you can get it....

Before the belated invention of wheeled bags, folks used to tie their bags and boxes to chrome wheelies with bungee cords. (Remember, back in the days when only nerds hooked their backpacks over both shoulders?) In the years since, teachers, and then kids, have been using wheeled backpacks and briefcases with abandon. Now, according to the NY Times, the rest of the teen and adult world is coming around -- fashionability be damned (in some cases):"When I suggested to my teenagers that they switch to backpacks with wheels, they looked at me as if I had suggested a return ...

I'm not sure why anyone would want to stay in the USDE so late in the game and when the chips are down as they are now, but I guess some people are loyal that way and a promotion doesn't hurt. Congrats, condolences, per usual....


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