'No Child' in the Crosshairs Washington Post (editorial) Act. The federal law is not perfect, but its architecture of But that's the approach being advocated by those who find fault with the No Child Left Behind... Newer Presidents See Role of Unions Changing, Study Finds EdWeek The changes are attributed to “new realities” in public education that threaten the future of both teachers’ unions and public schools. Study: Black Students Lag in Success on AP Tests Boston Globe Participation in the Advanced Placement program has more than doubled in 10 years, but this surge in college-preparatory testing has not reached ...

Maybe those legal affairs correspondents went a little overboard about the deseg case last week, says Jeff Rosen in the Sunday NY Times: Can a Law Change a Society?...

NCLB News Over-Reaching On NCLB Predictions At The Washington Post Reauthorization? We Don't Need No Stinking Reauthorization. Urban Education CCCR: Deseg Not Outlawed Cristo Rey Schools Take Over The World Teachers & Teaching America's Most Wanted: Teachers TAP For TIF: More On Merit Pay Models "Help Wanted - Chinese Teachers Need to Meet New Craze" Students Students Explain Torture Letter Delivered To President Bush High School Student Takes On Fiery Newscaster Over Sex Ed Talk Media Watch Two Good "Time-Lapse" Education Stories Is Student Violence Necessarily School Violence? Online Bullying Goes Big Time, Depending How You Define It The Education Business ...

Some people love The Mexican. Some hate him. But no one can deny his word is spreading. Two years since I last blogged about him (Only Gringos Call Gringos Gringos, Gabacho), he's in two dozen alternative weeklies and has a book coming out. As this NYT article describes (The Mexican Will See You Now), The Mexican is everywhere. Click below to see a list of questions about kids and parents and schools that I wish The Mexican would answer....

To increase its appeal to younger school children, Nike is making “Notebook” Dunk High, “Elmers Glue” Air Max 90, and the “Crayon” Vandal High shoes. Leave it to them to make sure that no shoe marketing angle goes untapped. The Biz Of Knowledge wonders whether the kids will fall for it (Nike Designs Shoes to Go to School). I say yes, or their parents will. Previously on Shoes: Roller Shoes: The Lawn Darts Of The New Millenium...


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