EdSec Spellings' increasingly fleshed-out ideas about a new AYP system described in today's USA Today have at least two obvious purposes. The first is to remind the public -- and Congress -- how much more they'll like the "new" NCLB, which ostensibly will have growth models, tutoring before choice, and all sorts of other bells and whistles that folks have been clamoring for since nearly the start. A "just missed" category for schools missing AYP by a subgroup falls into the same category, and helps Spellings make the case that NCLB should be reauthorized before it's too late (ie, politics ...

Spellings favors wiggle room for schools USA Today The U.S. Education Secretary has proposed a way of evaluating schools that would differentiate between schools that are close to meeting state standards and those that are underperformers. Union to Help Charter Firm Start School in the Bronx NYT A charter school operator from Los Angeles [Green Dot] is seeking to expand into New York with the cooperation of the teachers’ union. PLUS: Patrons’ Sway Leads to Friction in Charter School Study: Federal Tutoring Helping Students AP Taxpayer-funded tutoring for poor children is paying off in some city schools, a federal ...

The Biz Of Knowledge comes up with an Onion-like headline to fit the current scramble for Mandarin teachers: Help Wanted - Chinese Teachers Need to Meet New Craze. Apparently the number of non-Chinese people studying the language is projected to increase from 30 million to 100 million within the next four years, and there is already a bit of frenzy going on in American schools that want to offer the language and need qualified teachers....

In the search for more readers (customers), political candidates, marketers, and bloggers have all been trying to get themselves into the fast-growing "social networking" worlds of MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook. That's where all the eyeballs are. So we'll see what happens now that blog posts from this site are also going to be cross-posted on Facebook. Not much, I'm imagining. But Ed In '08 is there -- 1,200 members and counting -- and EdWeek, too....

Watch three of the 50 Presidential Scholars who signed and delivered a letter to GWB during the Monday NCLB event: Or, if you're more into text, read an explanation of what happened and why here....


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