Here, Rory from Parentalcation digs up further evidence of the Yglesias-Mead love alliance in the form of a "scandalous" home video of Mead posted by Yglesias on his blog earlier this year. The content's nothing new -- Mead going off on Baby Einstein -- but watching her talk about it, and knowing that there's a relationship between the two makes it slightly cringe-worthy. In a good way....

The weekly showdown of national education columns between the Post and the NY Times goes to the Post this week in large part because the Post column is about K12 issues and KIPP (KIPP's Mysterious Tale of Three Cities ) and also because I don't really care that much about higher education or free speech (Film Portrays Stifling of Speech, but One College’s Struggle Reflects a Nuanced Reality). Mathews explores why one KIPP school in Maryland is closing, while others have thrived. Most of the blame seems to get ascribed to the locals, of course, rather than what I suspect ...

Everyone's hoping that newbie education reporter Amit Paley (left) turns out to be a great addition to the national education beat, and indeed he's done some good, analytic work in recent months. But this latest piece (Ex-Aides Break With Bush on 'No Child') seems like a reach -- at best an effort to make news rather than cover it and at worst a preconceived notion slapped onto circumstances that don't quite fit. If Karl Rove or Rod Paige came out against NCLB, now that would be something. And if Congressional conservatives being upset about the law was new, or growing, ...

States Urged on Teacher Qualifications AP Even as states are erecting barriers that could prevent qualified people from teaching, they also are making it too easy for unqualified people to get in, the report says. Just three states - New Jersey, New Mexico and New York - require new teachers to pass such [licensing] tests before entering the classroom. Many states give teachers one year to pass, but 20 states let people teach for three years or more without passing, the report says. PLUS: Read the full report with all its maps here. Blacks in Fairfax, Montgomery Outdo U.S. ...

AFT John writes me a stern letter from the AFT Blog summer camp to remind me that the President's claims about increased test scores due to NCLB have been around -- and hotly disputed -- for a long time, especially on the AFT blog. Thanks, John. I knew it sounded fishy, but I had forgotten....


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