Campaign 2008 Bloomberg Candidacy Would Bring Education Up The Education Business High-Tech Paycheck & Report Card Problems In LA and Chicago NCLB Tutoring: Not Working, Or Just Not Working Miracles? PLUS: Sylvan Sued Policy Watch What Do People Really Think About NCLB? Internal Differences: Preschool, Choice, and More Jay Mathews On Michelle Rhee: Didn't I Just Say That? PLUS: "What’s this Korean lady doing here?" Foundations & Think Tanks "Designated Survivors" At School Reform Confabs Sara Mead: Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire Charter School Smarick Wins White House Fellows Spot PEN NewsBlast Guru Rides Off Into The ...

The parents of a sophomore high school student say they tried to stop their sixteen year-old daughter from getting involved with a 40 year-old cross-country coach, but according to this story signed a consent form for them to get married. Read all about it, I guess. And if you can't get enough of this kind of stuff, check out Teachers Behaving Badly, a blog dedicated to criminal other inappropriate things that education staff do. Yes, there's a blog for everything....

Michelle Rhee (left) in the NYT about reaction to her arrival in DC: “I know what you’re all thinking. What’s this Korean lady doing here?” And, earlier in the week, EdSec Spellings on NCLB and President Bush in the Baltimore Sun: "If I do say so modestly, it is the jewel in the crown of his domestic achievements."...

Educationista Sara Mead (pictured, I think) is leaving the Andy Sector and heading over to New Dannenberg Foundation. Congrats, condolences....

Voucher Use in Washington Wins Praise of Parents NYT Students who participated in a federally financed school voucher program did not perform significantly better academically but their parents were satisfied anyway. ALSO: Voucher Students Show Few Gains in First Year Washington Post Schools Await Desegregation Ruling With just 10 days left in its session, education and civil-rights leaders across the nation are anxiously waiting to see whether a conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court will end voluntary desegregation in America's public schools -- particularly those in Jefferson County. ALSO: High Court Rules on School Athletics, Sentencing NPR...


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