According to entrepreneur Maria Botham, lice infestation is the #1 reason for school absenteeism, and on average it costs the U.S. public school system over $500 million every year: Gold Standard for Lice Removal Opens in Lincoln Park. Via Yahoo! Finance....

School Chief’s Embarrassment Is a Lesson for Itchy E-Mailers NYT “Please go KILL these people....Please, please, please.”...

Senate Reverses Bush's Cuts to Education, Health as Veto Battle Looms Edweek Senate gave bipartisan approval to a spending bill that totals over $600 billion and reverses a raft of cuts sought by Bush to special education, health research. Ideals meet politics in public schools debate Tribune (opinion) Kozol would require states to authorize and finance a student's right to transfer from a failing district into a successful school in a suburban district. Science courses nearly extinct in elementary grades, study finds San Francisco Chronicle The third-graders looked puzzled when asked what they liked best about science. No answer. Via ...

So there's a reporter in Miami working on a story about school violence who's told to move off the sidewalk by school board police -- on camera -- and refuses. He was arrested, and now he's being charged with trespassing and unlawful possession of a handgun, which he has a permit to carry....

Whether you're a reporter who wants to know how to cover education better, or an educator who wants to know how reporters look at things, you'll be happy to know about this collection of essays about covering schools that includes: What I Wish I Had Known as an Education Reporter (Christina Asquith); How to Spot a School That Cheats and Find the Real Deal (Karin Chenoweth); The Six Essential Elements of Good Teaching (former LAT Richard Lee Colvin), Cut to the Heart of Learning by Analyzing a Classroom (blogger and former journalist Jenny DeMonte), To Witness the Magic of Learning, ...


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