The Times' Sam Freedman faces off against the Post's Jay Mathews in their weekly education column showdown. Who do you think wins this week? A Graduate of Stanford by Way of a Transfer: One foundation tries to help talented, low-income students make the transition from community colleges into elite universities. (Freedman) The Power of Assuming All Need College: We are in the midst of a heated national debate over whether or not high schools should try to prepare all students for college. I say yes, but I acknowledge that the no side has a good argument. (Mathews)...

There's an interesting little cluster of tutoring-related pieces out over the last couple of days, including a relatively fair-minded critique from USA Today's editorial page (Taxpayer-funded tutoring fails), a predictable and unsatisfying defense from EdSec Spellings (Tutoring shows success), and an investigative piece from the Miami Herald (Needy Students Deprived of Tutoring.) I think it's a mistake to expect proof of the program's effectiveness (a problem in all of education, not just tutoring), judge the law based on its goals rather than its accomplishments, and -- especially -- to leave out the state, district, and school-based roles in making or ...

Education Week: To Know NCLB Is to Like It, ETS Poll Finds Ed Week Once the interviewer mentioned the law’s focus on standards and accountability, requiring highly qualified teachers, and other details, 56 percent said that they viewed the law favorably. Thirty-seven percent still opposed it. Plus: ETS Report. Recruited to Rescue Washington’s Schools NYT Michelle A. Rhee, the newly named chancellor of schools in Washington, seems undaunted by the challenges ahead as she prepares for her mission to raise reading and math scores in the city. Values set Baltimore school apart USA Today It has been a ...

Ahh, the pleasures of random celebrity opinions. (They're almost as bad as random man-in-the-street opinions. Just not as widely distributed.) Here's John Travolta on school shootings: Travolta Blames School Shootings On Psychiatric Drugs. Right, John. Right. But Travolta's not alone. A few months ago it was Will Smith on the perils of sending your kids to school: "The date of the Boston Tea Party does not matter. I know how to learn anything I want to learn. I absolutely know that I could learn how to fly the space shuttle because someone else knows how to fly it, and they ...

For a time, it seemed like Memphis might succeed in pulling supe Carol Johnson (left, at center) back into the fold after Boston announced she would be the permanent replacement for Tom Payzant, who left over a year ago. That would have been Boston's second near-miss. But now it seems like she's really going to make the move. Meanwhile, Baltimore is getting NYC instructional chief Andres Alonso (right), according to this Baltimore Sun article....


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