What do people really think about NCLB? ETS will attempt to answer that question a little later today with the release of their big survey on the public's attitudes towards the law. "This year’s survey titled, “Standards, Accountability and Flexibility: Americans Speak on No Child Left Behind Reauthorization,” examines the public's views on what direction the nation should take moving forward as Congress considers reauthorizing the law. The survey was conducted for ETS by the bipartisan opinion research team of Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc. and The Winston Group." If you hurry, you can make it over there ...

Interview With Education Secretary Margaret Spellings Real Clear Politics I recently had the opportunity to interview Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings about the administration's push to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind Act. Mental Health Consultants for Preschools Surprise with Their Success Courant States across the nation have experimented with placing mental health experts in preschool classrooms for about a decade. But while such programs can cost millions and look good, nobody has ever been sure they work. California Schools Collect Student Data to Help Kids NPR Two schools in California hope collecting data on students' progress will enable teachers ...

"An effective alternate meal has to do two things: meet federal nutritional standards and flunk child taste tests," according to this recent LA Times article on schools' effective -- but tough-minded -- efforts to get parents to pay up on their children's cafeteria bills. "The cheese sandwich, typically served on untoasted whole wheat bread, apparently qualifies as one perfectly healthy stinker of a meal."...

There's a great overview of the Vallas years in Philly by Susan Snyder from Sunday's Inquirer (Vallas in with roar, out with rancor) that details the tumultuous last days of Vallas in Philly, plus the deterioriation -- ignored nationally and in the press -- of Vallas' tenure there....

All teachers in LA and Chicago want is to get paid on time -- and in the right amounts -- and not to have to write end-of year grades and report cards by hand. As Andrew Trotter describes in this EdWeek story (Glitches in Los Angeles Payroll System Spark Furor), problems switching to a new payroll system have been enormous, and so far at least neither the consultants (Deloitte) or the software maker (SAP) are accepting blame. In Chicago, the largely unreported problems include paychecks and student grades -- leaving teachers and parents in the lurch when it comes to ...


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