One of the challenges of blogging all the time is that you end up thinking -- true or not -- that you already thought and said nearly everything you later read. Take today's Jay Mathews piece in the Washington Post (Maverick Teachers' Key D.C. Moment), in which he fleshes out the significance of fresh-faced Michelle Rhee being given the top spot over the DC public schools, describing her as "the first of their generation of educational innovators named to head a major school system and a symbol of their efforts to help inner-city children." Hmm. Good point. However, in ...

Long Reviled, Merit Pay Gains Among Teachers NYT Minnesota’s $86 million teacher professionalization and merit pay initiative got a lift when teachers voted overwhelmingly to expand it in Minneapolis. For Bush, 'No Child' a hard act to follow Baltimore Sun But his push this year to renew the law has made little progress. The administration is redoubling its lobbying efforts - including enlisting first lady Laura Bush - against opposition from both ends of the political spectrum. Backlash against 'zero tolerance' in schools MSNBC Lawmakers in several states say "zero tolerance" policies in schools have resulted in many punishments ...

Campaign 2008 Whirlwind Whitmire Takes Campaign '08 By Storm EdWeek Slams KIPP, Issues Report, Gives It All Away Dodd Staffer Moves To Campaign Urban Education Hyping DC's Michelle Rhee Well-Dressed Reformers Hired To Run Districts Across Nation Do Lotteries Really Work? NCLB News Adults Create Test Anxiety, Not Kids Not Much To Learn About NCLB At Reality Check '08 King Of Smug "Your Mama" & National Standards Media Watch Casey Journalism Awards Feature Strong Education Writing Preschool Fever And The Press Overplaying The Student Loan Scandal? NAACP Legal Defense Fund Starts School Integration Blog Pros and Cons Of Collaborative News-Gathering Media ...

"The Internet is fueling an extreme version of the high-school food fight, threatening innocent teachers and students with ham sandwiches, eggs and rotten tomatoes," according to this article (Internet fuelling extreme food fighting, police warn). "Police said Thursday that students are using the Internet to prepare for the fights, then posting videos on websites such as YouTube." Indeed -- here's just one example:...

Over at The Quick Ånd The End, Sara Mead's post about what's really causing kids so much test anxiety (teachers and administrators) is good -- so good in fact it reminds me that I said pretty much exactly the same thing nine months ago. To her credit, Mead adds some ideas for how to address the problem. Now when Senator Clinton next talks about sources and solutions for test anxiety the idea can properly be attributed....


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