One of the most persistent -- and hotly disputed -- criticisms of charter schools is that they don't take all kids. This is old news. But one key issue that I've never seen addressed is the notion that the list of kids who win the lottery to get into a charter is substantially different from the list of kids who actually enroll and start school in the fall. The perception is that the two lists are substantially different, and that kids who drop out of the process or decide to go elsewhere aren't replaced by lottery kids but rather by ...

While the Times, Post, and everyone else continues to play the student loan thing for all its worth (House Panel Passes Bill to Cut Subsidies to Student Lenders), along comes the ominously-named Business Media Institute to ask whether there's as much real damage going on as there is simple media and political opportunism (Media Exaggerate Student Loan 'Crisis'). "Evidence of wrongdoing has been limited to only two lenders and a handful of college administrators who have resigned, fired or been put on leave," according to BMI. "No criminal charges have been filed. Still, the media act like all lenders and ...

Not really any single big story today, but.. Explosives Are Found in Lockers in New Jersey School NYT A bomb squad defused 16 gunpowder-filled devices at Wayne Valley High School after 1,400 students were removed from the bulding. Do longer hours equal more learning? Christian Science Monitor Pressured to produce better students, 10 Massachusetts public schools pack more hours into their schedules. Substitute Teacher Granted New Trial in Porn Case Washington Post A former Connecticut middle-school teacher was granted a new trial today at her sentencing hearing, where she had faced up to 40 years in prison for exposing ...

Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader for sending me this story about how Omaha is potentially going from being the most racially divided school district in the nation to one of the most integrated -- largely by breaking down the barriers between city and suburban district boundaries (here). What if NCLB did the same, requiring the choice program include neighboring districts as well as schools within the district? Better yet, get rid of city-only urban district boundaries entirely and turn everyone into Charlotte-Mecklenberg, or Miami-Dade, etc....

I just finished doing a short end-of-school segment on Vocalo, Chicago's new collaborative radio station, with my friend Dan Weissmann, and at roughly the same time came across this post from Mediashift (a PBS blog) about "Collaborative" Radio, which sounds like an audio version of what we're doing here to some extent and most directly over on District 299.  My initial reaction is that for collaborative media to really work (audio or print), readers have to be willing to share information as well as opinions and analysis.  Right now, the facts (such as they are) come mostly from the press...


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