In Hillary: Leaving Children Behind? Probably Not, Reality Check '08 does a frighteningly amateurish job of explaining HRC's votes, positions, and all the rest --mostly taken from the Clinton website, it seems. I hope the site -- another of these FactCheck-style blogs -- does a better job on other issues than it seems to be doing on education....

Evidence thin on student gains from NCLB tutoring Ed Week Five years after the No Child Left Behind Act became law, there's still a dearth of research evidence to show whether one of the federal measure's least-tested innovations?a provision that calls for underperforming schools to provide after-school tutoring?has an impact on student achievement. Virginia Tech report calls for better communication USA Today Improved communication may be the key to preventing the repeat of a Virginia Tech-like tragedy on other college campuses, a report issued today by three federal agencies concludes. In high schools, a 'B' is new 'C' ...

There's always room for another education blog, especially one with a clear and focused agenda that's not already being met by someone else. And so it's nice to hear that the NAACP LDF has started its new Integration Blog, which features "in-depth analysis and background of the voluntary school integration cases now before the Supreme Court, and will serve as a clearinghouse for responses to and commentary on the Court's upcoming decision, which could arrive as soon as tomorrow." Of course, school integration efforts aren't doing that well right now, and no blog is going to turn that around anytime ...

I read them -- so you don't have to... EdWeek Debunks Teacher Attrition Myth EIA Teacher turnover is roughly in line with that in other professions with similar educational requirements for entry, such as nursing and accounting. And that is so even with the pressure on school districts to get rid of teachers in their first two or three years before tenure protections make it more difficult. The Carnival Of Education: Week 123 Ed Wonks Here's this week's roundup of entries from around the EduSphere. Unless clearly labeled otherwise, all entries this week were submitted by the writers themselves, even ...

Those Chinese kids do everything better, it seems. "Police had found some 42 pairs of so-called "cheating shoes" with transmitting and reception ability, selling for about 2,000 yuan each, in a flat in Shenyang, the provincial capital, state media said Thursday, adding that they--along with "cheating wallets" and hats--had proved popular this year." (Three detained in high-tech China exam cheats). Maybe this is what we'd have to look forward to with that new national test we're on the verge of having:...


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