States Looking to Expand Charter Schooling PBS States are increasingly requesting federal support for charter schools -- publicly funded schools that are given more autonomy than their peers. The NewsHour looks at the movement to create the schools and questions raised about their effectiveness. [Meanwhile: Texas Struggles to Shut Failing Charter Schools Ed Week.] Higher Pay Urged to Fight Dearth of Math and Science Teachers Wash Post Higher starting salaries, more rigorous teacher training programs and additional support for first year teachers are just a few of the incentives needed to deal with a projected shortfall of more than 280,000...

As other may already know, MaryEllen McGuire, Dodd's former education staffer, has apparently moved to the Dodd 2008 campaign, taking the deputy policy director spot. Sharon Lewis is covering K12 issues in Dodd's legislative office, and Taniesha Woods has postsecondary. Congrats, condolences, per usual....

Journalists need to watch out for preschool fever, warns former LA Times reporter Richard Lee Colvin in this post from his generally pro-preschool blog Early Stories (Preschool as Crime-fighting). Glad to see it. There's all too much preschool fever out there as it is, among advocates and elected officials. Another slew of soft news stories would just about do me in....

One of the little-known challenges of running yearlong media fellowship programs is that it's hard to get top-notch people to participate. According to this NYT article, it's getting even harder of late, numerically and otherwise (Fewer Journalists Seeking Fellowships), The Knight program at Stanford did not receive any applications from employees at The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times and some other large newspapers....

The Washington Post editorial page comes out for national standards (Why We Need National Standards) and -- no big surprise -- EdSec Spellings comes out against them (Let the States Set Their Own Standards). Is there any new news here? Not much. Just summertime filler, I guess. All the more irrelevant given the stumbling bumbling efforts of the current Congress (Why Washington Can’t Get Much Done NYT)....


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