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Not much to note in this week's Gadlfly, though it was fascinating to hear the Fordham Foundation's Mike Petrilli argue for tougher regulations against parents being allowed to redshirt preschoolers (which isn't really what the Times Magazine article was about). Personal experience almost always wins out over ideology or research....

Board Game Teaches Chemistry to Kids NPR A 13-year-old entrepreneur has a way to make money and help his fellow students learn about chemistry. Anshul Samar is hoping for $1 million in revenues from the sale of his board game. Cyberfamilias: ‘omg my mom joined facebook!!’ NYT A nosy parent goes where the kids are and learns more than just what her kid is up to. He’s 9 Years Old and a Video-Game Circuit Star NYT Victor M. De Leon III — known to rivals and fans as Lil’ Poison — is thought to be the youngest pro gamer....

So to speak... Democrats aid education, health programs Associated Press Democrats awarded big budget increases for education and health care and research as a House panel approved the largest domestic appropriations bill that Congress will consider this year. Book on cheating: Paper crib notes are so old school Washington Post What do ankles, calculators and water bottles have in common? They are all prime tools for cheaters. States Taking Action on Virtual Schools Ed Week Officials respond to audits, debate expanding programs....

Check out this eye-opening piece from PBS' MediaShift about Dangers Overblown for Teens Using Social Media, which reminds us that the myth of the Internet predator is largely a creation of the media. According to the piece, young children are not the typical victim of online sex crimes, assailants are not pretending to be anything other than creepy losers that they are, and abductions or kidnappings are exceedingly rare. The real issue here according to the article is teens with troubled home lives and or past experiences of sexual or physical abuse. "This is a very different picture of who ...


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