Agree with him or not, Edwize makes the case that the current fascinating with multiple (or mixed) providers in urban districts is especially troubling since it has failed so far in Philly and NOLA, and its main proponent, Paul Vallas, is the Sanjaya of school reform: mystifyingly popular despite his poor performance (Philadelphia Follies Continue). One thing is clear: the mixed provider folks have staked their claims to a large extent on what happens in NOLA, and to how well Vallas performs there....

Every Wednesday, there's Sam Freedman in the NYT (On Education) vs. Jay Mathews in the Post (Class Struggle), dueling education columnists fighting it out to the death. Take your pick of this week's offerings, both of which focus on their papers' readers' favorite topic: college admissions. Who Needs the SAT? Washington Post (Jay Mathews) About three times a week I introduce a hot topic among people struggling with the college admission system [Admissions 101], then stand back and let users tell me what is really going on, throwing in a comment or two when necessary. Getting Into College, Strumming His ...

Most folks already know that the length of the school day and the number of instructional days in the school year vary dramatically from city to city, and everyone's trying to do the whole "extended day" thing, but now there's an interesting story in Catalyst Magazine (Chicago) that lays out what the economics and politics of lengthening the school day involve. Some examples? Adding an instructional day in Chicago (which has a very short year t 174) would run about $11 million, according to the article. Adding an hour per day (Chicago's is currently 5:45) would cost about $300 ...

This happens all the time, but is rarely put as baldly as in this relocation company ad, from Newsweek, sent in by a friend:...

Reading, math scores up since NCLB, report says AP Students are doing better on state reading and math tests since the No Child Left Behind Act was enacted five years ago. New Study Finds Gains Since No Child Left Behind NYT The study cautioned that it was difficult to determine if the gains occurred because of the bill that President Bush signed into law in 2002. Study: NCLB reform seems to be working USA Today As Congress prepares to reauthorize the 5-year-old No Child Left Behind education reform law this year, a provocative new study shows that students seem to ...


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