Look at the opening image in Elizabeth Weil’s NYT Magazine article (When Should a Kid Start Kindergarten?) and you’ll get the gist of what she’s out to say (even without my unauthorized arrow-drawing): delaying the start of kindergarten gives wealthier and whiter kids with more educated parents an unfair advantage over younger, poorer, and more minority kids. The most viable solution, barring a return to the bad old days when kindergarten was kindergarten? You guessed it: universal preschool. To be sure, I haven't heard much about this trend (and am immediately suspicious of anything that could fan ...

It'll take another day or two for FactCheck to verify their claims, but on Sunday night the Dem candidates (transcript here) had little to say by way of education compared to health, foreign policy, etc. Into this vacuum stepped, NM Gov Bill Richardson, who claimed to have "got rid of junk food in schools" and "brought mandatory phys ed in." Later on, he said he would "upgrade our schools" with universal preschool as his top priority and bring in a "minimum wage for our teachers" at $40,000. "I did that in New Mexico," he said. I have no idea ...

It's no secret that lots of people don't like NCLB, especially among school- and classroom-level educators, but last week's Scripps poll and story on what the public at large thinks and knows (Majority would like 'no child' law left behind) might not have been so dramatic as it seems, according to Eduwonk and others. Check out the numbers and the questions and you'll see in several places they've been combined to make things seem worse. For example, only 14 percent of those polled actually want NCLB repealed....

"Jamestown High School senior and National Merit Scholar Jason Wagner successfully whined his way to a 4.0 GPA for the fourth year in a row, school sources reported Monday," according to this article from The Onion (High School Student Whines His Way To 4.0 GPA)....

So much for good news, I guess. According to this LA Times story, 17 teachers took back their signatures in support of Green Dot charters at Locke HS in LA, blocking the proposed conversion for now at least (District blocks Locke High's departure)."In hurried, closed-door faculty meetings, district officials tried to assuage frustrated teachers with sudden offers of increased authority and reforms. Officials also emphasized that, if the takeover went through, teachers would have to reapply to Green Dot for a job at the newly reconfigured Locke or transfer to another district school, and that Green Dot does not ...


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