Over at Eduflack, Patrick Riccards takes a look at the education stories I listed from last month and asks the age-old question why is so much news coverage so negative? "I'll be honest, I've been struggling for the last week to find some examples of reform done good anywhere. Maybe it is the end of the school year. Maybe folks have tired of education issues for now. Maybe the current NCLB struggles have sucked all of the oxygen out of the room. But I am desperate for a good story." Me, too. So I took a look back at the ...

Take a look at this overview of big-time DC lobbyists from Washingtonian and you'll not only see a lot of names that should be familiar to you (if you're in DC) -- Podesta, Boggs, Podesta, Weber -- but also learn a lot about how it all works -- the dark art of the earmark (a favorite of universities needing new buildings), the rivalry between private lobbying firms and law firms with lobbying practices, and the big money that's involved to get things done. (You find a client with an unmet need, you grind out an earmark or a change in ...

Illegal students await immigration plan USA Today At 23, Mariana should be carefree. She is finishing up her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Los Angeles, and has been accepted to a master's program at Harvard University's education school. When Should a Kid Start Kindergarten? NYT States want children to be a year older when they enter school. This could lead to better test scores — and more inequality. Schools’ Deep-Pocketed Partners NYT When private dollars pour into public schools, questions about fairness can arise. Diplomas Denied Over Graduation Cheers AP A high school that warned against undignified behavior at ...

Best Of The Month The Month In Review: Secrets, Missed Stories, & More More "Rolling Water Jugs" In Education Getting Ready For The Obama Switcheroo USDE EdSec Spellings Playing The "Girl" Card See also: A Bush Brother Spreads His Vision NYT NCLB News Guest Commentary: Kevin Kosar On Muddled AYP Fixes Kennedy Began Immigration Push At NCLB White House Meeting Teacher Firings: Still A Myth Urban Education Breakaway LA Teachers Want To Go Charter What People Mean When They Talk About Human Capital See also: U.S. Data Show Rapid Minority Growth in School Rolls NYT Charter Schools Look to Address ...

As I first pointed out two weeks ago, the Kennedy report on Reading First was not a "Congressional study" in the sense of something like CRS or the GAO would do, despite being described as such in the press. It was internal, and partisan from the start. The good folks at the Title I Monitor have dug into this further, exposing some of the report's problems. RL Colvin over at Early Stories thinks that's a good thing. I agree....


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