Instead of relying on the current proliferation of disconnected three day workshops or the small handful high=prestige yearlong residential programs, the Kaiser Family Foundation has come up with a more flexible, nonresidential program for health care reporters that seems like a little bit of the best of both worlds. With seminars and field visits throughout the year, the nonresidential Kaiser program length can be as little as 10 days or as long as nine months depending on the needs of the journalist. With lower costs to operate the program, more than a couple of fellowships can be awarded each ...

Over at the PEN NewsBlast, they're worried about how to get more folks into public service. Me, I just want to know how much people make. Government salaries have long been public record, and apparently now you can get at least some salary information for nonprofits and foundations from GuideStar by looking at organization's IRS form 990. Ever wondered what Wendy Kopp makes, or your local program officer? Who's the highest-paid education ED? I don't know yet. But it's fun looking around on a hot Friday afternoon....

Looking for some dry but informative weekend reading? Check out these CRS reports from Open CRS: School and Campus Safety Programs, Head Start Reauthorization: A Side-by-Side Comparison, The ESEA, as Amended by the No Child Left Behind Act: A Primer, and High School Graduation, Completion, and Dropouts: Federal Policy, Programs, and Issues. From Open CRS....

EdSec Spellings doesn't play the "girl" card nearly as hard as former DOJ hatchet woman Monica Goodling apparently did last week in front of Congress (The Goodling Girl). But there are some parallels worth noting from Spellings' recent performances in front of Congress (and on the Daily Show). Spellings is a notorious charmer of the press, and disarms men (you know who you are) especially quickly with what seems awfully close to flirtatiousness. Not that there's anything wrong with being charming or flirtatious. Lots of men do it, too. But it shouldn't be used to cloud things, either. And I ...

Over at Intercepts, Mike A. blogs about the apparent slowdown in education posts (Intercepts: Are We Running Out of Stories?) from me and others. This morning aside, I'd say that I'm still keeping things at a pretty good clip (five or so posts a day). And there is a big new juicy audio post to listen to this AM. However, there has been a falloff in other places, as Mike points out, which I'm hoping is just a cyclical thing. In LA, School Me is gone largely because its founder, Bob Sipchen, took a job at the Sierra Club. I ...


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