Besides the spelling bee, that is... A struggling school finds reason for hope CSM By forming community partnerships, Hope High School in Rhode Island and other struggling public schools are showing signs of improvement. Narrowing The Grade-School Standards Gap CBS Evening News After five years of No Child Left Behind, it's time for a report card. What's evident is that schools are focusing on testing, but it isn't an even playing field, becuase each state defines "proficiency" differently Most Americans want 'No Child' law left behind Scripps News A survey of 1,010 American adults reveals that nearly two-thirds of ...

There's a lot of talk about "human capital" these days, and that talk can get awfully dry. Out there in the real world, perhaps no one else besides Tomas Hanna epitomizes this trend.  A former career principal in Philadelphia, Hanna was brought into the central office to revamp teacher recruitment and retention, with the help of community groups and others that had focused on the teacher retention crisis.  Now in Providence, Hanna is trying to do the same thing as [deputy] superintendent.  I met him recently, and he seems to have that elusive combination of school-level credibility and central ...

From NCLB to Medicare to the current immigration reform bill, Ted Kennedy's ability (and willingness) to make deals and get things done is legendary. In fact, it was a meeting over NCLB that led in part to the current push on immigration reform, according to the Post article ( here), which also hints at Kennedy's desire for some additional influence this time around on NCLB. "I'm not trying to be cute with anybody about this. I want to get things done [on] challenging public policy issues that affect real people," he is quoted as saying in the article....

Over at the AFT Blog, they're still mulling over whether NCLB-caused teacher firings are a myth (as I contend) or not. Most recently, they've found someone who was fired and declared that, therefore, teacher firings are real (here). But that doesn't change things, really. Sure, handfuls of teachers have been fired through NCLB closings and conversions in San Diego and Chicago, among other places. But there are 3 million teachers out there. Teacher firings due to NCLB are still a myth, to me at least, until one percent get pink slipped. And we're nowhere near that....

Maybe I'm the last person to hear about this, but there's a new-ish mockumentary about new teaches that came out last month called Chalk that seems to be the antithesis of the sappy inspirational education movies that we all can't stand (but watch anyway). Check out the trailer here -- it might make you giggle:...


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