A lot of folks still seem not to understand that candidates' views and positions are going to change,once we get out of this long, tiresome Democratic primary thing -- and it may be an unpleasant surprise for many educators. This seems especially likely for Obama, who's already indicated some of his centrist (some would say conservative) views and ideas on schools, while Clinton has gone the safe (UPK) route and kept her mouth tightly shut on that front. (As I've noted in the past, Obama has already come out for charters, and has in the past said that he's ...

Some juicy tidbits from the last few days include an article about the not-so-bad real life experiences of ELLs taking English exams (As Tests Begin, English Learners Have Troubles but Few Tears Wash Post). At the same time, apparently year-end exams are going the way of the Dodo in some schools (More schools are ditching final exams LA Times). Then there's a coupla pieces about schoolgirl gossip (Grade-School Girls, Grown-Up Gossip NYT) and weed-laced yearbook photos (Yearbook photos ignite storm MSNBC). A refresher on science basics (The Known World NYT), plus yet another NYT thing on elite colleges (Elite Colleges ...

In the Sunday New York Times Magazine, Ann Hulbert wrote (Standardizing the Standards) that “With “high stakes” testing, N.C.L.B. introduces an incentive not to cheat, necessarily, but to manipulate. Signs are that states define proficiency down while schools ramp up narrow test prep.” What’s the solution to this problem? “The National Assessment of Educational Progress could serve as a model for a test that judges students’ ability to apply their knowledge and thus discourages [sic] rote coaching. But recent experience … argues against making test results the sole trigger of federal sanctions.” This is a bit of ...

Well, not really that big... A Bush Brother Spreads His Vision NYT Neil Bush, brother of the President of the United States, is behind a teaching method that is intended to bypass textbooks. Putting His Wealth to Work To Improve Urban Schools Washington Post He counts the Prince George's County school superintendent and D.C. school board president among his disciples. He has advised the D.C. mayor on cuts in school system bureaucracy. With lawsuit looming, Spellings discusses No Child Left Behind Danbury News US Education Secretary Margaret Spellings vigorously defended the No Child Left Behind Act today in ...

The student loan rip-off Salon Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings sounded like a reformer when she testified on Capitol Hill earlier this month over recent revelations of waste, fraud and bribery in the $85 billion-a-year student loan industry.But education experts weren't buying it -- and neither were Democrats. Report Card: No Child Left Behind Good Morning America So on its report card, ABC News gave No Child Left Behind's central element — testing students to meet standards — an A-. The standards themselves got a C. Equal money to schools got a D. Improving teacher quality earned a C. The handling ...


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