Ed. Dept. Requires Changes in Race, Ethnicity Reporting EdWeek Schools must update as needed their method of student-data reporting to the Education Department no later than the 2010-11 school year—one year later than was announced when the guidelines were proposed last year. A Chance to Dream NYT (opinion) The Senate has a chance today to pluck a small gem from the ashes of the immigration debate by voting for the passage of the Dream Act. Expulsions show racial disparity Post and Courier (South Carolina) National and state statistics, as well as data from other local school districts, show that ...

No news yet of any schools that water-board kids, but I'm sure that's not far off. In the meantime, here's a story from Mother Jones about a school that takes in kids from several states and uses electric shocks as part of its discipline system: School of Shock. The pictures of the kids are to prevent them from shocking the wrong person....

Band Teacher’s Abuse Scars Family, Splits Community EdWeek Immediately after news of one teachers arrest hit in January 2005, people began questioning the girls' motives: Why didn't they come forward sooner? Were they really telling the truth? Noose Sent to Black Principal at Brooklyn School NYT The hate crimes unit of the Police Department is investigating the delivery of a noose along with a racially charged letter to the principal of Canarsie High School. Schools Put Tastes to the Test in Bid to Provide Healthier Lunches PBS Many U.S. schools are pouring new resources into efforts to provide ...

Every couple of years, Springfield Illinois reporter Scott Reeder (pictured) puts out a big package of news stories that includes lots of new data and some surprising findings. This year, it's about teachers who stray off the path and should -- theoretically -- not be allowed to teach any more. In reality, Reeder finds, they just find a job somewhere else. In the email interview below, Reeder describes what he found, how he found it, how Illinois compares to other states, and why his little paper can pull off this kind of investigative report when others stick to day-by-day reporting ...

Because you have better things to do than read them all: It's not just teachers who get staph infections, says EdWeek's web watch (States Report Teacher Staph Infections). Good to know. Fighting against the inevitable Clinton win, says Scott Elliott, Obama stands and delivers in LA (Obama's "in your face" move). Meanwhile, Mary Ann Zehr has the ELL provisions of the new Kennedy draft (Senate Draft of Title III of NCLB). And the AFTies note that acceptance of gay teachers is on the rise (Good News for Dumbledore). EIA Mike makes fun of the notion that performance pay is sweeping ...


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