On The Hill/Campaign 2008 Early Childhood Proposals, Realistic and Otherwise Why Are Miller & Kennedy Not Calling Beth Ann Bryan? USDE Spellings Is To Gonzales As "I Don't Recall" Is To Lunchables Five Questions For Jon Stewart To Ask Spellings Tonight The Secretary's Necklace: Too Bad It Wasn't Larimar Spellings Suck-Up, Part 234 NCLB News Growth Models For Everybody! How NCLB Is Like A Russian Novel Does More Reading Make For Better Social Studies? The "Lost Teacher Jobs" Myth Policy Trends Check Registers: Do They Help? I Find It, You Read It: The Failed Takeover Story In LA Utah Puts ...

Shallow, combative, and close-minded, this blog is arguably the worst blog on EdWeek.org, which includes more than just a couple of more reflective and reasonable blogs that you may not know about: On the Reservation, for example, chronicles the experiences of a second year SPED teacher on a reservation (on break until fall), while Certifiable? follows one teacher's quest for national certification (still waiting to find out). Then there's Ready or Not, about a career-changer. More are in the works. Of course, there's also the Meier/Ravitch confab Bridging Differences (currently on break) and MA Zehr's Learning the Language ...

The big Time article on NCLB reauthorization (How To Fix NCLB) is a fun read, though it struggles hard to say much that's new. It describes the law "astonishingly" ambitious and points out -- shouldn't Toppo get royalties for this? -- that administrators and wonks like the law better than frontline teachers. There are also a handful of minor but annoying mistakes -- calling NCLB tests "high stakes," for example, is a pet peeve of mine. (That's not what high stakes really means.) But there are also some highlights, including an Ohio educator's comparison of NCLB to a Russian novel: "it's...

Here's an interesting and apparently newfangled way to get your PK-16 system integrated: put lots of K-12 folks including your state supe on the state board of regents and the college board of trustees. That's what Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman has done with seven state higher ed spots, according to this Deseret News article (School Chiefs To Join Regents, College Boards). "The idea is to make for a seamless education system for kindergartners through college graduation."...

Apparently in honor of Memorial Day Weekend, the USDE announced news on the growth model front for us all to consider with our hot dogs and diet Cokes. Basically, Iowa and Ohio get to join North Carolina and Tennessee in the growth model club, plus Florida. It's more flexibility for states, without caving in on what NCLB s supposed to be all about. How do I know? Because it says that they're going to follow the "bright-line principles of NCLB," and that sounds cool and reassuring. Like "benchmarks." Let the celebrations begin!...


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