Parents of Disabled Child Win Ruling NYT The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that parents of disabled children do not have to hire lawyers to sue school districts when they attempt to ensure that their children's special needs are adequately met. Education put to the humor test USA Today With twin scandals nipping at her heels, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings tonight appeals directly to America's youth: She appears on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Documentation for the Undocumented? Inside Higher Ed Immigration reform package would offer path toward permanent legal status to college students lacking residency rights in U.S. ...

On Monday, Sen. Clinton came out with a $10 billion early childhood proposal that (Clinton Pushes Pre - Kindergarten Proposal). Apparently designed by Catherine Brown and Jake Sullivan on the Clinton domestic team, it looks pretty vanilla to me, but wins a speedy approval from the Ed Sector's Sara Mead, who says about the Clinton plan that it is "right on the merits and also plays well politically." Oh, goody. Over at Early Stories, Richard Colvin takes a slightly broader look around, pointing out that neither Clinton nor the Ed Sector are alone in the early childhood space (New America, ...

The AFT blog links to a song that's apparently going around via email these days (Not on the Test) and then pretty much simultaneously debunks and scaremongers about the idea that teachers' jobs might depend on student test scores: "Thankfully, for the most part, and for now, this is not really true. Teachers are not yet losing their jobs because of students’ poor test performance. But it is a frightening concept. A teacher’s career and livelihood could depend upon the performance of a bunch of eight-year olds. Think about any eight year-old that you know. Even the best kid ...

Over at Eduwonk, Andy says that the wrangling over an immigration reform bill may anger conservatives and scuttle chances for anything constructive on NCLB reauthorization (The Conservatives Are Revolting!), but I think that would only be the case if NCLB 2.0 was closer to being ready to go. If immigration reform gets done, its main effect will be on the families of schoolchildren whose parents aren't here legally. Either way, it seems to me that there'll be enough down time -- and enough differences when it comes to committee jurisdiction -- that NCLB reauthorization (I'm still betting '09) won't ...

In honor of EdSec Spellings' appearance [tomorrow] tonight on The Daily Show (lucky for her she's not going to be on Colbert, who's much harder on his guests), here's the transcript from Stephen Colbert's famous spoof, No Guns Left Behind, about how the answer to school safety is to arm the teachers: here. Enjoy. She's also apparently an American Idol fanatic. It seems a little frivolous, given her current circumstances. I mean, shouldn't she be hanging out close to home, fixing student loans and Reading First instead of indulging herself? But then again, Stewart will probably fall for the charm ...


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