My telepathic powers over the NYT editorial board seem to have returned momentarily with this weekend's blast regarding Reading First (Putting More Profit Before Education). I have long been calling for equal treatment of Reading First with that upstart, student lending. For this I'll forgive the Times for calling RF the "cornerstone" and for calling the Kennedy report on RF a Congressional study....

Evolution Opponent Is in Line for Schools Post NYT A member of the Kansas school board who supported its efforts against teaching evolution is running unopposed for the National Association of State Boards of Education. What If Every Child Had A Laptop? Sixty Minutes Are Intel and other computer giants helping or hurting the worldwide One Laptop initiative? Fiscal Chill Puts Squeeze on Several States Ed Week In all, 11 states were taking in fewer dollars than they had expected as of February of this year. Schools can't agree on what to do with twins Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Dawn Lynch had ...

Washington Watch Reading First Scandal Moves Up The Media Food Chain Why Spellings (Probably) Won't Get Canned Kame’enui KO'd: Reading First Official To Leave ED Campaign 2008 Edwards Rolls Out College Aid Plan Top Dem 2008 Candidates Have UPK Fever Candidates Begin To Talk Education... NCLB Notes Everyone's Got Different Takes On NAEP Scores Hey, Let's Convene, Says Spellings To The Hill Big Surprise: Chicago Hates Tutoring A Recruiting Campaign That Would Make Joe Camel Proud School Life Headline Of The Week: "Love Me Tenure" The Dangerous Book For Boys Media Watch One Student Dead Every 10 Days In ...

Now that Wolfowitz is out at the World Bank, and Gonzalez seems poised for his own departure from Justice, it might seem logical that Spellings would be next. And, to some, her departure would be an appropriate result given the current spate of scandals plaguing the Education Department. However, there are a number of reasons why Spellings won't get canned, for practical, political, and other reasons. For starters, the Democratic lust for blood is likely to be sated somewhat by the Wolfowitz and Gonzalez departures. Ditto for the media. No lawmaker has taken the lead on the Spellings issue -- ...

Book for Boys Soars to Dizzying Heights Wall Street Journal (free) "The Dangerous Book for Boys" purports to aim itself at a particularly inscrutable and un-book-friendly audience: boys around the age of 10. So here are instructions on how to skip stones, fold a paper hat, make a battery, and hunt and cook a rabbit. It includes a description of the Battle of Thermopylae, but also how to play Texas Hold 'Em poker, and use the phrases "Carpe diem" and "Curriculum vitae."...


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