GAO report: Schools need more training on handling emergencies USA Today Eight years after the Columbine High School shootings and nearly six years after Sept. 11, 2001, many of the nation's public schools are short on both the equipment and expertise they'll need in case of a full-scale terrorist attack, natural disaster or biohazard emergency, a government report says. Principals Act in Plan to Reduce Bureaucracy NYT Chancellor Joel I. Klein is challenging New York City’s public school principals to free themselves as much as possible from outside oversight under a new reorganization. Bullying teen gets public punishment MSNBC ...

"Almost 600,000 of America's 1 million active and reserve soldiers enlisted as teens," begins this piece from In These Times that is the latest riff on the old NCLB military recruiting story (America's Child Soldier Problem). "The military lures these physiologically immature kids with a PR machine that would make Joe Camel proud. Its 7,350 17-year-olds needed parental consent to enlist, and only this April were all barred from battle zones. But the military aims even lower, marketing itself to children as young as 13 with multimedia videos, school visits and cold calls to teens' homes and cell ...

There's not much detail -- or surprise -- in this post from AFT John about Sen. Obama Addressing the AFT's Executive Council, but we'll take what we can get. Sounds like Obama has UPK fever. Ditto for Clinton. Do you have any signs of UPK fever? If so, see instruction sheet for self-care guidelines....

I'm not sure I agree with everything in this piece about how educators view the media (Elephants in the Room), but it's an important perspective: "City teachers brace themselves when a school-related story makes the front page. The news usually isn't good. When mainstream media report on urban schools, the real story is often what goes unsaid."...

The Gonzalez echoes continue today with the accusation that Education officials may have used unofficial email addresses to communicate about Reading First, just like it was said White House and Department of Justice officials might have done about firing those poor attorneys. In that case, officials were accused of using their Republican National Committee email addresses, in part to avoid having their communications stored on government computers or available to groups that wanted to FOIA the communication. Maybe the RNC email system just works better? And what about personal preference? I mean, I like Gmail, but some folks like AOL ...


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