ABC News' Brian Ross has been tracking the Reading First thing online for a while now at his website, The Blotter, but it wasn't until last night that the nightly broadcast jumped into the fray with a segment about how Reading First benefited a bush benefactor, Randy Best of Voyager, which sold for $360M. You can read about it and watch the segment online. It includes Slavin and Cindy Cupp, whose programs were excluded, and an interview with Cong. Miller. Over-simplified? Sure. Still not the lead story? Of course not. But it's another step up the media food chain for ...

While The Ed In '08 folks are concerned there's not enough edutalk in the debates (No Room for ED?), the AFTies report that Sen. Biden and other candidates are talking to teachers (Sen. Biden Talks Education) and Inside Higher Ed rounds up candidates higher ed plans (Higher Ed and 2008). What I want to know is who is doing the candidates' policy development work? I know one former USDEr who's doing some work on the side for one of the R candidates. And I've reported previously that Cassandra Butts from the Center on American Progress may be doing education and ...

"District administrators had hoped the recommended logo — three student figures in red, white and blue beneath five stars in the frame of a big blue "D" — would bolster their efforts to improve the Dallas Independent School District's image. What came out, though, was "dull, busy and marred by student figures reminiscent of Pillsbury Doughboys," according to some trustees at DISD's board briefing." (Brand New: Dallas gets a "D" in Design)...

"So far this school year, at least 27 Chicago Public Schools students have been killed. That's one young life every 10 days," according to this Chicago Tribune article. "District officials do not keep an official tally, but they know 20 students have been shot to death, matching the highest total since they began tracking it nine years ago. The Tribune has identified seven more students who were beaten, suffocated or stabbed to death. Last week was especially deadly."...

Weird Kid Shines During Dissection Project: Hollis' crooked glasses and musty odor were all but forgotten as he briefly transcended his social awkwardness in a recent dazzling display of frog dissection....Area Man Lives Vicariously Through Son's Bully: Mike Zerbe, 39, father of bullied son Timmy Zerbe, 8, expressed avid interest in the fighting stance and other qualities...Prospective Student Had Most Fun Getting Drunk At Arizona State: After taking a week off from school to evaluate prospective colleges, high school senior Angela Ross said Monday...Majority Of Parents Abuse Children, Children Report: "My parents force me to finish my ...


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