It's big news, I know. The New Teacher Center (NTC) at the University of California, Santa Cruz is releasing a new cost-benefit report on teacher retention at a Senate policy lunch tomorrow, October 23rd. Senator Jack Reed (Rhode Island) will attend. The briefing will take place in G-11 Dirksen from 11:45 am to 1 PM and lunch will be provided. Space is limited. To RSVP, contact [email protected] or 831-459-1305 or Dara Barlin at 646-391-1984 ( [email protected]). Yours truly is moderating -- no one else must have been available! No, that's not me in the picture, but ...

In case you missed it, check out Washington Monthly editor Paul Glastris on the Colbert Report from last week, talking about the magazine's alternative ranking of colleges: Click here to read the entire package....

The ever-amusing folks over at the AFT blog have a little fun at EdWeek's expense, pointing out the seeming proliferation of blogs that have sprouted up on the site:AFT NCLBlog. It's true, there are an awful lot of blogs around here these days, creating a fair amount of overlap (as well as some helpful new coverage). But it's EdWeek's site, so they get to add as many separate blogs as they want. Whether it's NCLB news, politics, or media criticism, you can still find pretty much everything you need here....

Between last week's report from the Small Newspaper Group (see chart) and today's AP story, we've got a glut of information about teachers behaving badly. According to last week's story, only Virginia revokes or suspends fewer teaching certificates than Illinois.States such as California, Georgia or Utah are 25 times more like to remove a teacher from the profession than Illinois....

Sex Abuse a Shadow Over U.S. Schools AP An investigation by the Associated Press has found more than 2,500 cases over five years in which educators were punished for actions that ranged from bizarre to sadistic. Oprah's school in scandal News24 South Africa Henley-On-Klip - A matron at Oprah Winfrey's posh school for girls near Vereeniging apparently "fondled" one of the pupils, and assaulted another. Bush, Democrats Face Education Spending Showdown EdWeek President Bush and Democratic leaders in Congress are facing off over spending on federal education programs, and the renewal of the No Child Left Behind Act ...


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