Calculators tell teachers which pupils need help USA Today Texas Instruments, whose calculators helped make the company a household name, has found a way to help teachers quickly identify students who may be failing math, Chief Executive Rich Templeton said Monday. Glitch Forces Students in Va. to Stop Mid-Exam Washington Post Thousands of Virginia students who took state standardized tests online yesterday were forced to stop because of a computer problem and will have to retake the exams, state education officials said....

Study Finds College-Prep Courses in High School Leave Many Students Lagging NYT Only a quarter of high school students who take the core courses are well prepared for college, the study says. Romney hearts No Child Left Behind First Look MSNBC Romney was just asked to name a policy shift he's made that MIGHT not be popular with the GOP base. Romney named his support for No Child Left Behind. (To be honest, we didn't know he supported it.) House Freshmen Could Be Pivotal on NCLB Renewal Ed Week Some opposed the law on campaign trail, but have refined their ...

Some Chicago-area students put together this video about kids being bullied. The song isn't great, but the visuals and the message are pretty powerful: via think:lab...

Hmmm. A big-city district (Chicago) examines a provision in NCLB that it has long detested (SES tutoring) and finds that 30-60 hours of tutoring per year (six to 12 days of school) has a minimal benefit (but won't release the study). Big surprise. Check it all out here: $50 million -- for what? (Chicago Sun-Times)....

Thankfully someone's paying attention to the Edwards campaign, or else I would have missed the new college plan, which TQATE's Erin Dillon posts about (here) as a plan that would increase and simply the college aid process, but might send aid to those who don't need it most. "I worry that this program would end up leaving out the students who need the most help, and inadvertently shift grant aid to students who tend to receive more in other forms of financial aid, like tax credits, loans, and merit-based institutional aid."...


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