Former AP education writer Anjetta McQueen is leaving the Brookings Institute, where she worked in communications, to head out to LA and be a lawyer. She's joining an LA firm that represents unions in the motion picture industry, journalism, and the public sector (yes, including teachers). After leaving AP, McQueen worked at the NEA and then Brookings. Congrats. Condolences. Etc....

In a letter from EdSec Spellings sent the day after she appeared in front of the House education committee, Spellings urges the committee leaders to...get back to work on NCLB? "I acknowledge your committee’s oversight function. I look forward to answering your questions and those of other members, and to meeting with any members who would like to discuss these matters in further detail...I am hopeful that the pursuit of oversight will not delay moving forward legislatively on these two important laws." Full text below....

Dear Readers: If you've got a question or concern about something you see on this blog -- and who doesn't, really? -- remember that you can post a comment directly on the site that I and everyone else will see. You don't have to email me individually, though you can. That way, whatever is on your mind gets directly in front of people and doesn't have to wait for me to get around to it. Whatever you decide to do, please remember that this is a blog -- an online column, basically -- not an attempt to cover anything comprehensively ...

Affirmative Action For the Obama Girls? Washington Post Barack Obama doesn't think anyone should cut his two daughters any slack when they apply to college -- not because of their race, at least. Via U. of Texas Fires Officer Over Tie to Loan Company NYT The University of Texas has fired the director of financial aid at its Austin campus for improper conduct. NCLB Rules on ‘Quality’ Fall Short EdWeek Advocates vary in how they suggest the teacher-quality mandate of the No Child Left Behind Act has fallen short. Rank This, U.S. News LA Times Under the ...

Maybe this Kennedy-Spellings editorial was put into action long ago, but having it come out just now seems downright awkward. Spellings is just coming off her rough appearance in front of the House committee, and is presumably going to have do another round of the same in front of Kennedy. Not to mention that the topic -- dropout prevention -- seems wildly off message. What a 90s way to generate interest in school reform. It's all about STEM, now, baby! Those Gates folks must have put them up to it....


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