Educating the Education Secretary NYT “It’s not our fault.” That’s what Education Secretary Margaret Spellings seemed to say while testifying before Congress last week about her department’s failure to halt the payoffs, kickbacks and general looting of the public treasury by a lending company that collected nearly $300 million in undeserved subsidies. The Teachers Who Cheat San Francisco Chronicle Some help students during standards test -- or fix answers later -- and California's safeguards may leave more breaches unreported. Parents withdraw students from state tests Scripps Howard News Service Albert attends a program for hearing-impaired children at ...

Campaign '08 Dem. Candidates Pilgrimage To NOLA (Again) EdCheck.Org -- Fact-Checking All The Spin Site News We're On NPR! Russo Bullies Vallas Latest Huffington Post: "Spellings Pulls A Gonzalez" Foundation Follies The Sundance Of School Reform Can Education Entrepreneurs Crack Public Education? Greeding First (& Student Lending, Too) Miller Gets Worked Up At Spellings Explanations Special Treatment For Spellings Behind The Scenes: Spellings, Miller, & Kennedy What About Beth Ann Bryan? NCLB News States Complain About NCLB Urban Education The Two Pauls In New Orleans Kool-Aid Pickles, And Cute Drug Names Too School Life The Sound Of Cell Phones One Killed ...

My latest oeuvre from The Huffington Post: Is Education Secretary Spellings The Next Alberto Gonzales? "The only thing saving Education Secretary Margaret Spellings from drifting into Alberto Gonzales territory right now is, well, Alberto Gonzales." As always, please let me know if I've missed anything or gotten it entirely wrong....

I heard last week that EdWeek associate editor Jeff Archer recently left for a new job at New Leaders for New Schools. Speaking of new jobs, former Philly Enquirer star Dale Mezzacappa was walking around at EWA with the Philly Notebook on her badge, signaling that she's likely to be doing more work for them in the near future. I had the pleasure of meeting reporter Amy Waldman down in NOLA, so I assume that means she's working on a followup to her terrific Atlantic piece. I also heard that somebody is working on a biography of Paul Vallas, or ...

Welcome to Schools For Tomorrow, the new blog from HeadFirst Colorado, the education magazine that describes itself as "education on the edge." Already in its first week, the blog has tackled topics as diverse as the Tough Choices report and the exodus of students from Denver Public Schools. And, lest you think Colorado is some sort of school reform wasteland, remember that Ed In '08 honcho Roy Romer used to be governor there, much-touted outsider superintendent Michael Bennett is pushing hard there (especially on the ELL and charter fronts), and that the Gates Foundation's first major debacle, the failed conversion ...


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