"What the hell is the deal with school buses?," begins this post from Fussbucket (Flying Children). "We spend the first five years of our kids’ lives breaking our backs buckling and strapping them down in the backseat of the car, only to send them off to sit in one of those giant yellow buses without even a rope to hang on to should things go awry."...

The Times (Spellings Rejects Criticism on Student Loan Scandal) and Post (Education Secretary Defends Loans Record) both take it pretty easy on Spellings, whose performance was to my view neither particularly effective or especially believable. I think that this is in part due to the ongoing tendency in the press to take it easy on her and also because it was mostly Miller and other Dems, not Republicans, who challenged her. This is in a stark contrast to the treatment that, say, Alberto Gonzalez is getting during his Hill appearances, where it is Republicans who are ridiculing Gonzalez as much ...

New Figures Show High Dropout Rate Washington Post First lady Laura Bush and national education leaders yesterday unveiled an online database that promises to provide parents across much of the nation the first accurate appraisal of how many students graduate from high school on time in each school system. For Community Colleges, 'Seduction' in Marketing? Washington Post Dear Extra Credit: I am writing to tell you about what I call the Montgomery College Seduction. McKeon Bill to Stress Tutoring CA Signal McKeon's bill is part of an effort in each party on the House Education and Labor committee to introduce ...

Get your morning started by checking out the PEN NewsBlast, which this week includes some interesting articles about how students think of themselves, what moms earn, and this week's favorite -- school bus emissions. Or, go to The Gadfly and check out their take on "STEM mania" and the queen's visit. Last but not least, there's the Ed Trust's Equity Express, below, full of all sorts of "gap-zapping" stories. I guess no one's told them about STEM mania....

No, not really (though we have been in the past). This time, it's the Bryant Park Project, one of NPR's new blog/shows, which covers the Spellings testimony and gives us a shout out over our eye for fashion (and Spellings' repetitious dressing habits). Thanks, Matt!...


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