There was no really big news at the NSVF summit in New Orleans, but I did learn some things, large and small: For example, Internet access at the Ritz costs $275 per person but a secret helper helped me out (thanks!). There was lots of talk about engaging with the public side, but there were few public-sector (SEA, LEA, school-level) folks there to provide a reality check. There was lots of talk about a "diversified provider" model of school district (ie, district plus charter schools). However, no one can really agree on what a "turnaround" school is yet (they're working ...

Federal Student Loan Chief Will Step Down Washington Post The head of the U.S. Education Department's student loan office announced her resignation yesterday amid mounting criticism of the agency's oversight of the loan industry. Government Slow To Address School Bus Emissions Day in and day out, children across the U.S. are riding to school on aging buses, breathing what some activists say is a dangerous brew of pollutants up to five times dirtier than the air outside. Paying Brave Teachers What They're Worth Washington Post (Mathews) Eighteen award-winning teachers have come up with a performance-pay plan ...

The two Pauls -- LA state supe Pastorek and incoming RSD supe Vallas (far left and middle, respectively) -- appeared onstage today in what was billed as their first public appearance together, mapping out their plans for New Orleans. Some notable tidbits: Vallas credited Sen. Landrieu for first putting the idea of coming to NOLA in his mind several years ago; Pastorek claimed that the RSD and the Orleans Parish (elected) board were working together now and emphasized the temporary nature of the state takeover. In what might be a hint at the timeframe question that many have asked about, ...

Both Clinton and Obama were in town for the Mayors Conference, and Obama did a Saturday school event at a charter school (hint, hint). Apparently his advance folks did a fine job gussying up the library where the event was held with new books and stuffed animals. Gotta love those photo ops. Now comes news that Clinton will be back here for another bite at the apple next week at Dillard University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU)....

3 Shot By College Student In Fresno Huffington Post Police searched neighborhoods near a university campus Tuesday for a student suspected of opening fire in an apartment during a dispute over a video game console, killing one person and wounding two....


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