Kevin Carey (on Washington Journal as we speak) has some useful observations about "ED In '08" in his post about the Schwarzenegger / Broad panel yesterday in LA, particularly that the effort, by picking three particular issues, limits itself: "I wonder how ED in 08 will react if a major political candidate puts forth an education agenda that meets the test of seriousness, but doesn't focus on these issues."...

Over at TQATE, Sara calls my analysis of the Gates / Broad thing overly long and way off base, but ducks (at length) the issue of whether she thinks ED In '08 is going to work or not. Ditto for Eduwonk, who's maintained an uncharacteristic radio silence on this one for over a week now. There's a good reason for this, of course. Only a crazy person would criticize an initiative funded by philanthropists as deep-pocketed as Gate$ and Broad. Plus which, acknowledging that education isn't likely to be a big issue in 2008 risks leaving the Ed Sector and other ...

You can check out my post about the Broad/Gates initiative here, along with education-related posts from the likes of Bracey, Ravitch, and others....

As predicted, Paul Vallas is headed to New Orleans to help turn around the schools there. The contract details aren't out, but apparently he's going to start in July, make less than he did in Philadelphia, and, according to someone close to the negotiations, spend "as much time [in New Orleans] as it takes to make it a success." That last element -- the part-time superintendency -- could be problematic, not only because Vallas doesn't fly. I'm also not entirely clear about what Vallas' role will be with charter schools outside of the RSD system, which have (I think) been ...

Check out education reporter Chad LIvengood's new newspaper-sponsored education blog (Taking Notes), which features some fascinating news about a student accused of being a terrorist. Welcome to the edusphere, Chad....


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