NCLB News Stale NCLB Coverage In The NYT Veto Threat Over NCLB Reauthorization Dentists Good, Dentists Bad On The Hill Investing In High-Quality Teacher Retention Taking On The Higher Ed Lobby Campaign 2008 Two Million Minutes Of High School UPK: Just Don't Call It Childcare Urban Education Former City Police Chief Takes Over NOLA School Security No "Marshall Law" For DC Public Schools, Says Millot A Gay Union Leader For New York City Teachers Teachers & Teaching "Grow Your Own" Teachers -- And Recruits? Making Teaching A Career, Not A Drive-By Charity Stop Video: "Nice White Lady" Media Watch Tracking Teachers' ...

Speaking of teachers, there's a new slew of stories from the folks at the Small Newspaper Group in Springfield Illinois that may blow your socks off: Illinois does poor job of dealing with teacher misconduct "Small Newspaper Group filed open records requests with 50 state education departments and built a national database of revocations and suspensions of teacher licenses during its "Hidden Violations" investigation. Among the 50 states, only Virginia revokes or suspends fewer teaching certificates than Illinois. Even if a hearing officer upholds the firing of teacher, they are free to seek employment in another school district." These are ...

The folks at the Columbus Dispatch have been running a great education series all week, and even created a database for parents to see which educators if any at their school have been disciplined. Check it outL The Columbus Dispatch...

Maine Middle School to Issue Birth Control Pills NPR School officials in Portland, Maine make birth control pills available to students at one of the city's middle schools. The move follows a spate of pregnancies among middle school girls. Calif. Approves Teacher Test Teacher Magazine California’s rigorous performance test for new teachers has the potential to set national standards, officials say. FCC cites commentator Williams for payola Reuters After investigating for more than 2-1/2 years, the Federal Communications Commission concluded that Williams and his firm violated agency rules by promoting President George W. Bush's "No Child Left Behind" ...

Over at EIA, Mike is not jumping on the PFP bandwagon (Sorry, I Can't Join the Party). Meanwhile, Joanne Jacobs tells us about how some districts are gaming the AYP ratings system by transferring students (The ‘alternative’ dodge). About the flawed NCLB story in the NYT, Eduwonk makes many of the same points Charlie Barone and I made a day before (Hustle And Flow...). The carnival is up at the Education Wonks (The Carnival Of Education: Week 141). AFT Michele slams me for wanting folks to link back to me when I link to them all the time (Blog Minutiae). ...


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