Last week, the Gates and Broad foundations announced that former Colorado Governor (and LA schools superintendent) Roy Romer would help lead a new $60 million initiative to make education a top issue in the 2008 presidential campaign – one of the biggest single-issue efforts ever mounted. The next night, eight Democratic presidential aspirants debated for the first time, and the education issue was nowhere to be found. Ditto for the Republican debate last night in Simi Valley. It was a complete shutout. So what will it take to make American voters – and the politicians who woo them – think about education as ...

I'm told by a knowledgeable insider that FOIA'd versions of at least some of these documents requested by one or more journalists came back heavily redacted (blacked out). I've gotta learn how to do that FOIA thing one of these days....

One thing I neglected to mention about last night's Spellings appearance in LA and her comments about not having been intimately involved in Reading First is that, in response to a question from USA Today's Greg Toppo, Spellings said she wasn't sure whether the administration would release all the documents and emails that Congressman Miller had requested, based on executive privilege. Toppo pressed her on whether she would want to release the documents, but she said it was up to the White House....

The Fordham Foundation's Mike Petrilli doesn't seem exactly sure what to say about the Ed Trust's recent NCLB recommendations (here), which include a provision that would give some states with stronger achievement a little more time past 2014 to get to 100 percent. He praises the Trust -- cautiously -- for finally seeing the light (as he so recently did that I still can't quite forget it). But he's worried about several other recommendations, and also about the Trust's inordinate influence over the process, which pushes other education groups right and left out of the way. What Petrilli's analysis leaves ...

Skim the transcript of last night's debate (here) and you'll find tempting references to children left behind and grades and such -- but none of them used in reference to school reform. A few of the candidates said they didn't believe in evolution, though....


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