Educators re-examine who belongs in special ed classes AP Many children in special education classes may not belong there, the government says. A new policy is aimed at intervening early with intensive teaching to give struggling students a chance to succeed in regular classrooms and escape the "special ed" label. Seeing No Progress, Some Schools Drop Laptops NYT A handful of schools are abandoning one-to-one computing programs as educationally empty — and worse. Legal fight on vouchers brewing Salt Lake Tribune It's doubtful but not impossible that Utah will have a functioning school voucher program by fall after the Utah Board ...

In what may be a preview of her testimony at next week's House education committee hearing, EdSec Spellings explained at the EWA conference on Thursday that she should not be held responsible for the problems facing Reading First. She told the audience that as head of the White House DPC she was responsible for overseeing too many programs to have been so closely involved as Doherty and others have alleged. "It would have been impossible for me to have been intimately involved with oversight of all those programs," she said, though she was "generally aware" of the status of the ...

The Nation has a new issue out today looking at No Child Left Behind 5 years later; The synopsis from the two big pieces in the issue: "With US schools lagging far behind in the world in educational outcomes, the question isn't whether or not "No Child" is working. The question is what do we really need out of an educational system?" Linda Darling- Hammond, Professor of Education at Stanford University, visits the promise and problems of "No Child," and offers a blueprint for moving forward. A panel of experts on education policy, Pedro Noguera, Velma Cobb & Deborah Meier debate ...

Predictably, the AFT Blog jumps on the anti-SES bandwagon (Red Frown Face for Tennessee's SES Providers). Claiming that NCLB "purports to be all about accountability, but gives a pass to SES providers," the AFTies cite a Tennessee study that finds few if any effects for the state's SES providers, and calls for reducing or eliminating SES in the next NCLB. I've seen good and bad SES, but it seems pretty clear that there's a near-impossibility of determining SES impacts on annual state test scores from 30-50 hours of tutoring per year. Imagine if we tried to measure classroom teachers (or ...

Sometimes, the first-day stories don't get all of the story -- or get it right -- and then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. Oops. Teacher cleared of wrongdoing in urination incident "Less than five minutes into the class period, the student urinated into a bottle and discarded it in a trash can," the statement said. "Shocked at the student's actions, the teacher told the student to dispose of the bottle in the restroom and wash his hands." M.I.T. Dean Who Resigned Has a Degree After All NYT Marilee Jones, the former admissions dean at M.I.T....


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