It's not just Oscars presenters who get swag these days, though the EWA swag bag doesn't include that cute new shirt from Kitson that I was hoping to get. Best stuff this year? A Texas Instruments flash drive/bracelet (in blue) that lets you save your data and look fashionable at the same time. Nice! Not sure it works, though -- Jeff and Scott are having problems so far....

It's an online world out there, and so it's not a total surprise that EdWeek's Teacher Magazine is announcing that it's going online-only (PDF). They've already got some good teacher blogs over there, and have always had good content. UPDATE: More information is coming in now -- including that the change involves layoffs at EPE, most of them from the Teacher Mag side of things -- and that there will still be a couple of hard copy issues. UPDATE 2: Hard to find any specifics on the number of layoffs from EPE, but I'm told it's about 15 folks who ...

Gerald Bracey has an opinion piece in the Post (A Test Everyone Will Fail) arguing that NAEP achievement levels are not only too high, but also internally inconsistent and contradict other results. Bottom line? NAEP Bad....

There are charter schools everywhere in LA, it seems -- over 100 and no state cap, I'm told -- including the Oscar De La Hoya High School across the street from the hotel. It's one of those newfangled Green Dot charters where the teachers are union. Wonder if I can watch the big fight over there with them on Saturday night? In the hotel lobby: A clean-cut guy reading "How To Bulletproof School Choice," reporters and PR folks wandering through looking for food, EWA staffers running around setting things up (apparently the Governator is coming, along with Spellings, Art Levine, ...

Liftoff for 'helicopter' parents Christian Science Monitor If employers start involving parents with hiring, when do young people learn from mistakes as well as successes? Why It Is NOT Harder to Get Into Top Colleges Washington Post Please be careful to whom you show this column...It may render obsolete one of our most beloved newsroom traditions -- the college angst story....


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