Loan Firms Set to Regain Access to U.S. Student Data Wash Post The U.S. Department of Education moved yesterday to restore loan industry access to a national database with confidential information on millions of students, two weeks after it was shut down amid allegations of data mining and privacy violations. Maine Proposal Requires Students Apply to College Bangor Daily News After Maine became the first state to use SATs instead of the state's own tests as an academic measuring stick for high school juniors, education officials expected to see a slip in scores. But they noticed that the ...

House Votes to End Test Central to GOP's Shift on Head Start Wash Post The House dealt a blow to President Bush's chief early-childhood initiative yesterday, voting to end the standardized testing of 4-year-olds, which was at the heart of his efforts to refocus Head Start. Head Start may reach out to more kids Booth Newspapers As early as today, the U.S. House is expected to approve legislation that would renew the program for another five years and require the 2,700-plus U.S. Head Start programs to open their doors to more children, extend the number of classroom ...

It's true. This blog is better than grad school. How do I know? A very kind reader said so: "I just wanted to let you know that I'm completely addicted to your blog. I feel like I've learned more about the "political landscape" reading your blog than in all my years of grad school." How do I know it's not from my mom? Well, because mom doesn't read my blog....

We sift through them so you don't have to...Another Nail in the Coffin of the Savage Inequalities Meme D-Ed Reckoning: According to the Kozol crowd, our educational inequalities can be solved by putting poor and minority kids into affluent suburban schools. Gagaless Over Kristoff Eduwonk: Based on emails and blog posts it seems everyone is gaga over this Nicholas Kristof column today. Me, not so much. Are People in Washington Stupid? AFT Blog: Sec. Spellings is too smart to think that her bunny attack means anything to conservatives now or that she can use vouchers, a nonstarter, to get ...

You might find it hard to imagine sympathizing with military recruiters and boot camp drill instructors -- perhaps until you read The Army We Have in the upcoming Atlantic magazine ($), which details just how much "restructuring" military trainers are having to undergo in order to deal with the challenges they're facing in finding ways to motivate and shape a skill-lacking, individualistic, video-game generation of kids. Support the war or not, it's a story about difficult changes and reforms for a large, tradition-bound bureaucracy that has been long doing it it's own way. Sound familiar?...


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