Joe Williams, the freelance journalist, education writer, and author of NYC-focused blog The Chalkboard, is quitting mainstream journalism and the blogosphere (for now) and getting into politics as head of Democrats for Education Reform, a group that I never heard of until last week when "Who The Hell Is" Whitney Tilson told me about it. Not to be confused with the Black Crusaders, Democrats For Education Reform are a "nascent political organization that aims to move the Democratic Party to embrace genuine school reform," according to Tilson. But it's not exactly new -- except to me. You can find out ...

Such as they are... Warnings on Student Lenders Unheeded Washington Post The Bush administration killed a proposal to clamp down on the student loan industry six years ago following allegations that companies sought to shower universities with financial favors to help generate business, according to documents and interviews with government officials. Montessori schools look to future LA Times The methods are being used in a growing number of public schools, currently more than 300 in districts from San Francisco to Washington, D.C....

Want to know what big-time education reporters are thinking about -- what they think's interesting, and what they know and don't know? Check out the audio "Month In Review" for April 2007, featuring Greg Toppo from USA Today, Stephanie Banchero from the Chicago Tribune, and Jay Mathews from the Washington Post. There are some things everyone agrees on -- the drama of Virginia Tech, for example -- but many areas of difference and disagreement. What was the big story of the month, who were the month's winners and losers, what stories got over- and under-reported, and what's coming up for ...

The Education Writers Association is holding its annual conference in LA later this week, and will even post blog entries from the event. Yes, EWA is blogging. In fact, there’ll be lots about new media and multi-media packages, along with appearance by EdSec Spellings, Eli Broad, and new reports from EdSource, Art Levine on education research, and info on the student loan scandal. I'll be there, trying once more to learn how to report and write like a real journalist....

Making a difference amid a school's culture of cruelty CSM Anger is the unofficial mascot at my school...The acts of grace I've glimpsed, however, give me hope that the struggle against cruelty is well worth waging. Diversity sours at Lakeside Joanne Jacobs A push for diversity has backfired at a posh Seattle private school that happens to be the alma master of Bill Gates. Views of Parents, Students and Teachers Sought NYT New York City’s Department of Education has begun a $2 million citywide survey concerning attitudes about the public schools. Barely Legal Field Trip Action The Chalkboard ...


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