US News raises questions about the growth of business-sponsored school reform efforts (Businesses Want To Build Better Employees) and the differences between what they want (trained and skilled employees) vs. what other reformers want (closing the achievement gap, etc.). It would be a big shift if federal policymaking focused more on competitiveness than equity -- Title I has always been more about that than anything else -- but it could happen. Whatever floats your boat, I say....

When elected officials talk about "local control," they usually mean states and districts. But in some places, local control means really local -- like at the school level. It's a messy business, however, and in Illinois the Board and the mayor are now pushing changes so that elected school councils have to have approval before not renewing a principal's four-year contract (Chicago school leaders seek to limit LSC power Tribune). In New York City, the once-powerful parent councils that used to run the city's community school districts can barely scare up enough folks to fill the vacant seats (A Lack ...

I'm always seeing interesting new approaches in housing and education policy -- this one (here) about giving hard-core homeless folks a place to stay (even if they're not clean and sober) is from the PBS NewsHour on Friday. What's the education equivalent, I wonder? Coming up with new alternatives for chronic truants rather than trying to bring them back into schools? Setting up special kinds of schools for kids with particular needs -- immigrants, high-mobility kids -- rather than trying to make everyone do everything the same way?...

Why video games really are linked to violence Slate Does the link between video games and violence hold up? Yes. P.E. Classes Turn to Video Game That Works Legs NYT Schools are deploying Dance Dance Revolution as the latest weapon in the battle against childhood obesity....

'Drunken Pirate' sues school that nixed degree MSNBC A woman denied a teaching degree on the eve of graduation because of a MySpace photo has sued the university. Here's the photo. The Smoking Gun has the affadavit....


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