Blogs written by groups rather than individual writers have been all the rage for a little while now -- combining as they do the pleasures of distinct voices with the diversity of multiple perspectives. Perhaps the best example of this has been the two year-old Huffington Post, which includes a wide range of voices, as well as predecessors like Daily Kos. Group blogs have been coming along in education, too, with the AFT Blog, the Quick and The Ed, and the Ravitch/Meier blog. Now, that trend seems to be accelerating. There's The Pulse, run by District Administration, and now ...

Hillary Clinton Critical of NCLB Before State Teachers€™ Union EdWeek Sen. Clinton voted in favor of the No Child Left Behind law in 2001. As a formal presidential candidate since January, she has yet to release any detailed proposals for overhauling the law, which is due for reauthorization this year. No Child Left Behind foes fear $600M loss AZ Daily Star Lawmakers agreed Wednesday that while it might be a good idea for Arizona to opt out of mandates required by the No Child Left Behind act, giving up more than half a billion dollars in federal funding is not ...

Site News Now Appearing On The Huffington Post, Too Campaign 2008 Bill Clinton Reverses Himself On Annual Testing Jerald Joins $60M "Stronger American Schools" Initiative Saving American Schools, One Pint Of Ice Cream At A Time NCLB News The Fairfax Fandango: This Test Is Too Hard Is "Proficient" Too Much To Ask For? Looking Into VA Test Participation Rules On The Hill Exclusive: Spellings Called To Testify Has Chairman Miller Been Protecting Secretary Spellings? Reading First Quotes: Criminal Or Civil Investigation? School Reform Growing Pains For KIPP Schools Teachers In NYC "Rubber Rooms" The KIPP Breakups Business Of Education Gates ...

There's good stuff in this week's PEN NewsBlast, as usual, including how Kentucky educators are trying to relieve test stress, a provocative piece about school violence, and a good catch on the topic of vouchers and suburban backlash. Ditto for The Gadfly, which this week includes some advice on Republican education strategy, some analysis of the Romer-led education campaign announced this week, and a slam on The Governator for his many education mis-steps. The Ed Trust's "Equity Express" (wish it was a blog or web-friendly) also has a slew of achievement gap stories (see messy email version below)....

Well, not so very big... How to gauge a school's progress Christian Science Monitori As Congress prepares to reauthorize No Child Left Behind, more educators want new definitions of achievement. PCs Can Help Kids Pass NCLB Tests US News Although the lion's share of U.S. schools still prepare students for achievement tests using the traditional paper-and-pen approach, some educators around the country are turning to high-tech programs designed to help students succeed in the testing-heavy educational environment created by the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act. Dean at M.I.T. Resigns, Ending a 28-Year Lie NYT The dean ...


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