Don't be put off by the boring title that the Title Monitor gives to its Reading First story (OIG Refers Reading First To U.S. Justice Department). There's interesting stuff in there about witnesses like former assistant secretary Susan Neuman who might have been expected to have been called to testify and some impassioned remarks from Mike Petrilli questioning the Committee's treatment of former RF director Chris Doherty and insulation of EdSec Spellings from the fiasco....

I've been scanning Whitney Tilson's education blog now and then for the past few months, but only just now looked up his bio, where I found that he was a charter member of TFA and is a honcho at KIPP New York and a money guy by day. Not only that, he's got three blogs, one of which is about school reform. Some recent posts include: Cory Booker's Battle for NewarkCharter school math tournament in NYCAdvocates Want Bigger Role for Charters Under NCLB...L.A. charter schools scramble for spacePresident Addresses No Child Left Behind During Vi...Civil-rights leader: Give ...

The ever-instructive Marc Dean Millot explains here just how to read between the lines of an education company press release: The Press Release in Context. "So, in a sense, PLATO is saying to Wall Street that its products have underlying value and, in a market full of close substitutes, its core clients have not abandoned it."...

Perhaps in honor of his having proposed annual (national) tests a decade ago, Bill Clinton apparently reversed himself during a recent appearance in front of the NSBA and said that annual testing was too much (Clinton Criticizes Testing Required by NCLB EdWeek). Or perhaps he's just doing the pandering thing like his wife did a few weeks ago when she called NCLB tutoring "Halliburton all over again" in front of a teachers union crowd....

Report Undercuts Effects of Educational Software NPR A new report from the Department of Education says that most education software does not boost test scores. But districts that have spent large amounts of money are not ready to give up on it. Nutrition standards urged for foods sold in school The IOM recommendation covers items considered competitive with those foods, such as items sold in vending machines and other food and drinks sold in the school but not under the federal program, an area often profitable for the schools. Cuomo: States Will Pursue Student Loan Fiasco NPR New ...


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